I am contracted with most major insurance companies; however, it is always recommended to call your insurance company prior to your first visit to verify your specific insurance benefits.  Please see the guide at the bottom of this page.  Here is a list of several of the specific insurance companies I am in-network with:

If you do not currently have insurance, we offer a financial hardship option through ChiroHealth USA.


Insurance Verification Guide

Call the member benefits phone number on the back of your card.  Try to get an operator to answer the phone.  Tell them that you are calling to verify your member benefits for chiropractic coverage.

  1. Does my plan cover chiropractic?
  2. Is there a visit limit or coverage limit on my plan for chiropractic?
  3. Does my plan require any type of authorization?
  4. Does it cover physical therapy performed by a chiropractor?
  5. What is my deductible?
  6. Does my deductible apply to chiropractic care?
  7. If yes, then how much of this deductible has been met?
  8. Do I pay a copay or coinsurance?  If so, how much?