Do Chiropractors treat work injuries?

The most common work injuries are the types of injuries a chiropractor treats every day. Some

examples of common work injuries treated at the clinic are:

• falling at same level ­ falls on a wet or slippery floor,

• overexertion from pulling, lifting, carrying, throwing, etc.,

• repetitive motion ­ carpal tunnel, back or neck pain,

• falling to a lower level ­ falls off a latter, roof, or stool/bench,

• strike an object ­ bumping into a chair, table, or other stationary or moving object,

• vision problems caused by any of the above.

Treatment for these types of injuries take the patient through the entire healing process which often

includes treating the soft tissue component of the injury through the use of massage and manual

therapy techniques, as well as the different stages of physical therapy. The clinic also has

naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, nutrition councilors, and massage therapists who can assist in

more complex problems that may arise during treatment.