Recent Injuries

Sports and other acute injuries occur not only in the back and neck but also over the entire body.

Some examples of acute injuries commonly treated at the clinic are:

• Tennis injuries such as tennis elbow, ankle sprain/strains

• Running injuries: IT band syndrome, Achilles tendinitis, runner's knee (PFPS), hamstring

injuries, plantar fasciitis

• Dance injuries such as snapping hip, chronic muscle fatigue syndrome, tendinitis

• Cycling injuries: IT band, AC joint sprain, foot numbness and low back pain.

Sports, dance and other acute injuries are often complicated and involve multiple regions of the

body. Treatments not only include adjustments to the spine and extremity joints but also address

the damaged soft tissue component to the injuries. One technique commonly used at the clinic to

treat damaged soft tissue is Graston (link to official site: The

technique uses instruments as a way to mobilize soft tissue to remove scar tissue and adhesions

that are restricting motion at the joints. Treatements include chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue

work, nutrition counseling, as well as physical therapy. The clinic also has naturopathic doctors,

acupuncturists, nutrition councilors, and massage therapists who can assist in more complex

problems that may arise during treatment.