Treating Chronic Pain

Treating chronic pain involves a multidisciplinary approach. The clinic in addition to chiropractic

care includes naturopathic and acupuncture as well as nutrition counseling and massage therapy.

Common chronic pain conditions treated with chiropractic at the clinic are:

• Chronic Sciatic pain

• Chronic Arthritis pain

• Back pain associated with pregnancy

• Chronic Fatique syndrome

• Chronic Headaches

• Fibromyalgia

• Chronic neck and low back pain

Treatment for for these types of conditions/injuries take the patient through the entire healing

process, which often includes treating the soft tissue component of the injury through massage and

manual therapy techniques as well as the different stages of physical therapy. Treatements include

chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue work, nutrition counseling, as well as physical therapy. The

clinic also has naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, nutrition councilors, and massage therapists

who can assist in more complex problems that may arise during treatment.