The clinic has two options available for cash pay patients (patients who do not have insurance, have a very high deductible, or insurance but no chiropractic coverage):


Option 1. Standard rates for services. This rate has not been discounted and is the same rate billed to insurance companies. This choice is not always a bad option when patient care is very simple and only one type of service is needed. Very simple follow-up visits can vary from $30-$55 at standard non-discounted cash rates.

Option 2. More complicated cases often involve multiple therapeutic services such as adjusting combined with massage or physical therapy modalities. These services may be made more affordable by enrolling in the clinic's discount program.

State and federal regulations for insurers have changed: insurance billing and coding now requires the clinic to have one fee schedule that applies to ALL patients. This means the clinic can no longer offer time of service discounts (cash) to patients.

In order to continue to offer cash pay discounts that have been available in the past, the clinic has joined Chiro Health USA (“CHUSA”). In order to be eligible for those discounts, cash pay clients also need to join CHUSA. CHUSA is not insurance, it’s a discount network.

While there is an annual fee to be a part of the network, there are also added benefits to members. CHUSA is a NATIONAL network; once you join, you AND ALL OF YOUR DEPENDENTS will be eligible for discount rates with any national CHUSA provider. If you’re traveling and need to find a chiropractor, you can search for a CHUSA provider and pay their discount rates even if you’ve never seen them before.

The annual fee is only $49 to be a part of the chiropractic–only network. If you’re interested in dental, vision, and prescription discounts, you can join CHUSA PLUS for $89. Again this annual fee covers you AND your dependents.

This is the only way for the clinic to continue to offer you the low discount rates that you’re familiar with.

Enrollment is done at your appointment. Cards are printed off at the clinic the same day and the discount is applied immediately.