Balding Young

Balding Young

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Balding Young

Part 1 of 3:
People do not generally come to chiropractors and ask them to treat symptoms of baldness; however, I do get patients with physical symptoms such as muscle tightness and low back pain which originate from common organic conditions like adrenal fatigue or benign prostate hyperplasia. In the treatment of these conditions, whether treating adrenal fatigue or an inflamed prostate, one thing I and the practitioners I’ve coordinated care with have noticed is the treatment’s positive influence on hair loss.

One common misunderstanding about baldness, specifically male pattern baldness, is that it is inherited from your maternal grandfather. What is actually inherited is the androgen receptor gene located on the X chromosome.

Androgen gene receptors are located in several areas of the body:

  • Adrenals
  • Testes
  • Prostate gland
  • Hair follicles, specifically the dermal papilla (hair root).

Treatment for adrenal fatigue might also affect the prostate gland and hair loss. The androgen gene receptor uses an enzyme 5-alpha reductase to synthesize the male hormone DHT. An excess of DHT interferes with many different functions in the body—specifically with hair loss. Too much DHT blocks the absorption of nutrients which then leads to hair root dormancy and eventual death of the hair root. Those who suffer from thinning hair often have an increased number of these receptors on their hair roots. Generally, men have more of these receptors than women which is why hair loss is more pronounced in men.
Common treatments such as Rogaine and Propecia function by inhibiting the 5-a reductase enzyme; however, many equally, and in my opinion, more effective natural remedies exist that also inhibit this enzyme.
In part 2, I will go into more detail on specific studies that relate to this topic.

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